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Frequently Asked Questions

 If you don’t see the answer to any of your questions here please contact us for more information.

Dietary restrictions

I have a dairy sensitivity, can I still eat Elite Foods?


We understand that people have a variety of limitations in their diet and we do our utmost to support a wide variety of dietary restrictions. With the exception of our creamy mac & Cheese, our cream soups, rice pudding and bread pudding all of our items are dairy free!

I have a seafood allergy, are their any dishes I shouldn't eat?

Our facilities are 100% free of shellfish!

I have Celiac's Disease. Do you offer gluten free options?

We are currently working on updating our menu to better reflect modern gluten free diets.

All of our products are made in an environment which also contains gluten based products so while we try our best to provide delicious gluten friendly options we cannot guarantee that all items are 100% free of gluten.


I have a diet that requires low sodium. Can I eat Elite meals?


We completely understand concerns about sodium content in prepared foods. At elite foods we believe that our customers will salt their foods to their tastes. For that reason we use minimal salt in our cooking process and keep the sodium content of all of our products to a minimum.

Aren't processed foods high in fat?

Not at Mae’s Elite Foods!

All of our meals are prepared in our kitchen the same as you would prepare them at home. We use quality ingredients and focus on providing low fat, healthy meal options. 

Programs & Services

How much does delivery cost?

Our delivery fee’s vary depending on region; however, we offer free delivery on all orders over $50.00! If you would like more information on delivery costs for your specific area please contact us.

What is the veterans independence program?
We are a proud member of the veterans independence program, or VIP. Through the program we provide quality meals to qualified individuals. To find out if you are eligible for the program please visit the department of veteran affairs website.
I love your food, do you provide catering services?

Absolutely! Please visit our catering section.